For years people around the world have asked us to write a truth history book so that they could teach their children and generations to come about the truth of our world as we watched the decline and fall of 2,000 years of corruption. Michael McKibben and Tyla and Douglas Gabriel are preparing that book. The picture below is Mike, Tyla, and Douglas hold the Holy Lance of Antioch that found its way from Jerusalem in 33 A.D. to Michigan serveral years ago. 

An old proverb says "Whosoever possesses this Lance and understands the power it serves holds in their hands the destiny of the worlf for good or evil." Many tyrannts in history, including Adolf Hitler, have sought this lance to solidify their power. The latest Indiana Jones movie depicts Hitler's quest for the Holy Lance. It shows in a snarky, dismissive way a replica of The Lance of St. Maurce displayed at the Hapsburg Palace. We believe the various spears that are claimed to be the Holy Lance are, at best, second class relics that may have been blessed by the true lance, as was (and still is) the pious custom in sharing the blessing of holy objects that hold a divine, holy, eternal energy and vibration that does not diminish over time.

For example, the altar cloth of every Orthodox Christian Church in the world contains a holy relic, and has done since 33 A.D. when Christ was raised from the dead at the Resurrection, and then sent His Holy Spirit to empower the Church, whose most esteemed member was his mother Mary, the God-bearer (Theotokos; Θεοτόκος in Greek), to preach the Gospel of Love to a world hungry for Truth.

Today, the Holy Lance of Antioch is in the hands of righteous patriots who command the demon-gods of Mammon, Lucifer, Moloch, Ahriman, Ba'al, Asmodeus, Baphomat, Lilith, and dozens of others to "Get behind us, Satan."

Photo L/R: Michael McKibben, Tyla Gabriel, Douglas Gabriel. They are holding an ancient Church relic called the Holy Lance of Antioch. 

Inside the chapters of this online history book, you will find PDFs that are multi-media and full of documentation and evidence to support the truth of what really happened from Cecil Rhodes’ initial planning to take over the world in 200 years until today with a full-on genocide operation run by the Pilgrims Society to exterminate humanity. 

A European expert on weapons of antiquity said after analyzing this lance that it is one of the most well-cared-for (Read: reverently) 1st century Roman centurion spear heads, forged in Judea, that he has ever seen. The ash shaft is 7th century, dating it to the time of the final fall of Antioch to the Seljuk Turks. At that time this lance was most likely buried under the altar of St. Peter's Cathedral in Antioch - the first Church established by the Apostles after they left Jerusalem. It was the Church of Antioch where believers in Jesus Christ were first called Christians. Acts 11:26.

The lance shaft is the same length as Orthodox Christian shafts used to this day for processional crosses and candles in worship. It is thicker due to the need to counterbalance the heavy spear head. It appears that the shaft was secured to the spear head for liturgical use - as a weapon of worship and prayer, as it were, and not a a weapon of war.

This lance was discovered in the vicinity of a Knights Templar consistory in Europe a decade ago. The founder of the consistery was most likely a soldier of Count Raymond of Toulouse, also called Raymond of Saint-Giles). Raymond was the commander of the Crusaders who laid seige to Antioch on Oct. 20, 1097 in the First Crusade. He influenced the founding of the Knights Templar to protect pilgrims coming to and from the Holy Land that they had just secured from the Seljuk Turks.

During that seige of Antioch, one of Raymond's soldiers named Peter Bartholomew had a series of well-documented dreams in which St. Andrew appeared to him in which the good Saint identified the location of the Holy Lance of St. Longinus - the Roman centurion who pierced the side of Christ. 

St. Andrew told Peter to dig for it under the altar at St. Peter's Cathedral. Peter and Raymond found the lance. St. Andrew told them to march their army against the Seljuk Turks holding the lance high in front of their advance, even though they were outnumbered 5:1. They did so and were victorious. St. Andrew also told them to march on to Jerusalem under the protection of the lance, which they did, and they continued to be victorious. This was the only Crusade won by the Crusaders.

The mystery of the Holy Lance, also called The Spear of Destiny, or the Spear of Antioch is intriguing and brings you to early Christianity, the royals of Europe, the Knights Templar, wars in Europe and Middle East, and to our modern leaders and leaders to be who covet the spear as a source of temporal power.

The Spear of Destiny

As discussed earlier, there are a number of traditions about St. Longinus’s spear, or  lance, and it has long been attributed with supernatural powers. It has been believed that whoever possessed it held the destiny of the world, for good or evi l. Conflicting accounts trace its history with various saints or rulers, and its fame during  medieval  times was not unlike that of the  Holy Grail

The lance that Michael, Tyla, and Douglas are holding is believed to be the Holy Lance of St. Longinus uncovered by Peter ​Bartholomew and Raymond of Saint-Gilles (Raymond of Toulouse), leader of the victorious First Crusade.

In addition to the provenance of a relic, an additional way that Christians through the ages have tested the veracity of a relic is to see if miracles occur in its proximity. Miracles have occured around this lance. One person was on his death bed from liver failure, literally hours away from death. But, after being prayed over with this Holy Lance in his hands, he quickly recovered. The doctor who was treating him, the one who had said there was nothing else she could do, said his recovery was a true miracle. His liver tests read normal now.


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We continue to research and add chapters. In the meantime, please make copies for yourself and organize them so that your family, local library, schools, and downline can learn the real truth of global history in the Babylonian Radhanite’s attempt to destroy western civilization. Save the chapters individually, or as a single-page index. 


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