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SEARCH by topic, keyword, or phrase. Type in Custom Search box below. e.g. IBM and JPMorgan and "Babylonian Radhanite" and "Pilgrims Society" and MI6 and "City of London" and "annexation of America." Click here for a PDF of the full library. This library contains over 10,000 entries, some more than 1,000 pages long (~184 GB), so the links below may take serveral seconds to load. Be patient. Check your Downloads folder to find the ZIP files. We encourage you to download and repost our Truth History file repository to prevent the Pilgrims Society censors and their Mammonic (greed) and Luciferic (power) demons from erasing human history like they have been doing for many millenia.

AFI POSTS Archive (2012-2023)

Searches all of the AFI Posts since 2012, up until we were deplatformed on Google Blogger on Sep. 11, 2023. This archive contains contains a ZIP file (596 MB) so that you can download the entire archive of posts just censored enmasse by Google. We encourage you to download the ZIP and repost them in multiple locations to ensure that they will continue to appear in search results. This list is automatically updated when new items are posted.

Click here to view a Catalogue of all AFI posts from Oct. 19, 2012 to Sep. 08, 2023. The links will not work, but simply type the name of the post in the search tool to find its PDF version. If a document link is broken or missing, kindly let us know and we will fix it!


Searches over 10,000 supporting evidence in the form of documents, videos, recordings, charts, spreadsheets, reports, and files that provide "judicially recognizable" evidence to prove this Truth History. This list is automatically updated when new items are posted.

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