Donald J. Trump is a british crown agent

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Fig. 1 - Donald John Trump. His current public offering of Trump Media & Technology Group (NASDAQ: $DJT)  is interlocked 17-layers deep to the British government, Crown, and its controllers in the Pilgrims Society. Was his surprise meeting Monday night with British Foreign Minister David Cameron the payoff with bearer bonds and offshore account codes?

Trump media's interlocked nested doll British funders

On Mar. 26, 2024, TRUMP MEDIA & TECHNOLOGY GROUP ($DJT) began publicly  trading as a “business combination” with DIGITAL WORLD ACQUISITION CORP—a Special Purpose Acquisitions Company (SPAC).

Like a Russian nested doll on steroids, 17-layers deep, Donald Trump’s Truth Social was funded by the British Treasury via Coutts Bank— the bank of the British monarchy and Pilgrims Society, established by pagan Babylonian Radknight merchant-bankers in 1692 (see Radknight refs. In Domesday Book, 1086).

The British Pilgrims Society (founded 1902) was first discovered to have prepared a 24-point strategy to "Annex America" in 1907 by American journalist Lillian Scott Troy. Lillian published it in 1912. She was kicked out of Britain at the end of WWI for being annoying to the Pilgrims Society plans. She called them "the Benedict Arnold Society." She exposed that Andrew Carnegie was offered a "dukedom" by King Edward in 1913 to deliver America to Britain for reincorporation.

"Would Ānnex ĀmericĀ."

Fig. 1a--Editor: (May 13, 1913). Would Annex America [says Lillian Scott Troy], p. 20. The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, Tennessee).

Note: Columbia University president Nicholas Murray Butler served as president of the Pilgrims Society of the United States "branch" from 1903-1945. He oversaw the organizing of the British First Imperial Press Conference, 1909, oversaw the recruitment of Franklin D. RooseveltDavid Sarnoff (RCA, NBC), J. Edgar Hoover (FBI), Anglican Bishop Henry C. Potter into the Pilgrims Society.

Elihu Root was co-founder of the Pilgrims Society (1902); former U.S. Secretary of War (1899-1904); U.S. Secretary of State (1905-1909); NY U.S. Senator (1909-1913); founding president, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (1910); Nobel Prize (1912); founder, Council on Foreign Relations (1918). He was also personal attorney to J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie.

John Hay was U.S. Ambassador to the Court of St. James where he promoted annexation of America by Britain. He once described (banker) war "as necessary as it is righteous" and described another war as "a splendid little war"--he was a Pilgrims Society merchant-banker warlord par excellence.

British Babylonian R​Ādh​Ānite merchant-banker Drones strike the U.S.

Fig. 2--L/R British Prime Minister David Caermon, Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, May 18, 2010. In 2024, now "Sir" Nick Clegg effectively controls Facebook and Lord David Cameron just funded Facebook's ostensible rival, Truth Social. Both social networking companies operate on the social networking inventions of Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies who holds patents on the inventions--patents that have not been protected by the U.S. Courts. Photo : Daily Mail . For educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon.

Breaking news:

Monday evening, Apr. 08, 2024, the smarmy Lord (Baron) David Cameron met with Donald Trump in ​Mar-a-Lago. Cameron is a member of the British Pilgrims Society, Privy Councillor, former British prime minister, and now Foreign Secretary. As such Cameron has effective control of all foreign financings of the British Treasury.

The mockingbird British Pilgrims Society press (formerly named the Empire Press Union [formed in 1909], including New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, LA Times) is slobering all over itself to justify the optics of the dubious meeting. 

Should a casual observer see no correlation between Trump Media's public offering just weeks ago (Mar. 26, 2024) and Cameron's funding of said offering through its EF HUTTON LLC underwriter?

Was Cameron ignoring protocol so he could hand-deliver Trump's bearer bonds and British offshore account codes in exchange for letting the British Pilgrims Society take financial control of Truth Social?

The meeting was dubious for at least the following reasons:

1. PROTOCOL IGNORED: Protocol dictates that a sitting British Foreign Secretary must be hosted by his U.S. counterpart: the U.S. Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken. Blinken was AWOL.

Cameron was accompanied by British Ambassador to the United States Dame Karen Pierce. Pierce is a notorious sycophant of the United Nations and election rigger Lord Mark Malloch-Brown. Reminder: the UN was founded by the British Pilgrims Society via the YMCA in 1945. In another breach of protocol,  Pierce's counterpart to the Court of St. James, U.S. Ambassador to the UK, Jane Hartley, was AWOL as well.

Both Pierce and Hartley are evident members of the Pilgrims Society. Hartley's pedigree includes interlocked relationships with Harvard's Kennedy School, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Council on Foreign Relations, Economics Club of New York, Universal MCA (NBC) Pictures, Empire Press Union (now CPU Media Trust), Westinghouse (RCA, Marconi, BAE, United Fruit Company). One cannot paint a more Pigrims Society sycophant.

The evident conclusion is that the Pilgrims did not need Harley in the meeting since Cameron and Pierce were senior to her in their American annexation plans.

2. BRITISH CONTROL FACEBOOK: Cameron, as prime minister, was the former boss of Sir Nicholas Clegg, his deputy prime minister. Clegg effectively controls Facebook, along with British spy Baron Lord Richard Allan. On the surface, Trump Social and Facebook are competitors, but the British Pilgrims Society controls them both.

3. CAMERON NOTORIOUSLY HATES TRUMP:  In 2016, Cameron bloviated on the floor of the British House of Commons that Trump's remarks were "devisive, stupid and wrong." Chameleon Cameron showed not an ounce of love for Trump before he was president, but now he comes calling to citizen Trump.

4. BRITISH NOW CONTROL TRUTH SOCIAL: Cameron, as the current foreign secretary, controls the financing of Truth Social via the British Treasury's control of NatWest Group PLC and its subsidiary Coutts Bank--the bank of the British royals worldwide. Coutts controls the EF HUTTON British asset managers that fly under the flag of "Kingswood," fronted by one Gary Spencer Wilder, who purchased and controls the sources of cash available to Trump's underwriter: EF HUTTON LLC.

5. TRUMP'S SCALLYWAG LAWYERS: Trump's securities attorney, NELSON, MULLIONS, RILEY & SCARBOROUGH LLP, is interlocked with the British Pilgrims Society through its influential partner Philip Lader--who himself was a U.S. Ambassador to the Court of St. James (UK)--a spawning ground for the British Pilgrims Society.

(Apr. 10, 2024)--​On M​ar. 26, 2024, TRUMP MEDIA & TECHNOLOGY GROUP ($DJT) began publicly  trading as a “business combination” with DIGITAL WORLD ACQUISITION CORP—a Special Purpose Acquisitions Company (SPAC).

In short, we believe the TRUMP-MEDIA-DIGITAL-WORLD-SPAC is an insider’s scheme where the outcomes are predetermined by a newly-minted EF HUTTON underwriter before the trading starts. This offering is evidently rigged to reward the insiders at the expense of an unsuspecting Main Street (sucker) public. 

Trump's securities law firm on this offering is Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP, or Nelson Mullins LLP for short. See Press Release and S4 Registration, Amendment No. 8

Curiously, Nelson Mullins LLP carries NO NEWS about the Trump Media financing on their corporate website. Normally, such "white shoe" firms bark like dogs when they take a company public. In fact, a search of their website for "truth social" returns ZERO results about Trump. Who are they really working for?

Nelson Mullins LLP's Wikipedia touts their former partners including Philip Lader, Marco Rubio, and Trey Gowdy. Lader is by far and away the most interlocked partner with British Pilgrims Society interests. Lader is the former chairman of WPP plc--a bloated British advertising and communications behemoth headquartered in London (READ: propaganda, market manipulation, mind control) that employs 205,000 people in 112 countries. 

Lader was executive vice president to Sir James Goldsmith's U.S. holdings (read. "Kingswood" UK company role in financing Trump--"land owned by the King"). Lader was groomed at Duke, Michigan, Harvard Law, and Oxford University (UK). He is a director of the RAND Corporation, Lloyd's of London, and the British Museum (where much evidence of the ancient pagan Babylonian Rādhānite  merchant-bankers who took over The City of London, by royal charter in 1067, is hidden) .  Need we say more? He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Atlantic Council, Columbia University International Advisor Board. Lader's British Pilgrims Society credentials are unmistakable.

Rep. Jim Jordan (OH 4th) certainly knew about the Miller Act Notice and the theft of social networking. Entrepreneur, inventor Michael McKibben personally met with Jordan four times to brief him. Jordan even delivered the First Amended Miller Act Notice to Trump's White House through his staff!  See Fig. 8 below. Did Jordan not inform Goudy, Nunes, Rubio? Were their staffs all asleep at the wheel? Or, are they all in on the latest derailing gravy train? Why do none of them lift a finger to protect true American inventors? Why do none of them protest the theft from and control of the U.S. Patent Office by British-crown-controlled SERCO (since 2006)?

Wikipedia says plainly that Lader is honored "For his contributions to trans-Atlantic relations" [read: British Pilgrims Society plan to ANNEX AMERICA, see below].


Trump owns between 58% and 69% of Trump Media, according to  Forbes . Trump’s exclusive deal broker is EF HUTTON. Baby boomers remember the iconic EF HUTTON TV propaganda tagline: “When EF Hutton talks, people listen.” Few know that EF HUTTON evaporated during the 2008 banking debacle because of their criminal subprime mortgages.

In 2021, the EF HUTTON brand was purchased by Kingswood Capital Markets, a subsidiary of Kingswood Holdings Ltd, which, in turn, was a subsidiary of Benchmark Investments LLC. Benchmark was the US broker dealer with the licenses to operate the newly-minted EF HUTTON brand used by Trump.

It is easy to get lost on the twists and turns embedded in these interlocking relationships, so stay focused on the name “Kingswood.”

After William the Conqueror’s conquest of England in 1066, he immediately chartered The City of London using pagan Babylonian "Radknight" merchant-bankers in 1067, “Kingswood” literally meant  “woods (property) reserved for the King” exploited for ship building, construction, housing, fencing, transportation, tools, textiles, sports, armaments, weapons, perimeter security, food, wildlife, hunting, sport, furniture, mechanical devices, cures, recreation, indentured servitude.

We have prepared a spreadsheet to help straighten out this Trump Social funding crooked stick, but here is the summary. Links to these proofs are embedded in the spreadsheet.

$DJT British Pilgrims Society asset manager fund sources

Fig. 3--Donald J. Trump. (Compiled Apr. 03, 2025). Interlocked Relationships Map for Trump Media & Technology Group ($DJT). Anonymous Patriots.

Fig. 4--Gabriel & McKibben. (Apr. 04, 04). Trump and the Great Con. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation. Just in case this video gets censored from YouTube after this article, click here for a raw *.mp4 video backup. (Download your own copy as well.)

Fig. 4a--Gabriel, McKibben. (Apr. 12, 2024). Trump is a British Crown Agent. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation. YouTube Version | Raw *.mp4 video file.

EF HUTTON's ultimate controller is British, not American. Coutts Bank, the monarch's bank, sits inside this 17-layer nested doll along with the British Treasury.

Coincidentally (?), Governor Ron DeSantis' 30-year old sister Christina died mysteriosly in London while working for KPMG Volcker Solutions where she was auditing "covered accounts." Her boyfriend and her likely handler actually worked for Coutts Bank. Ron was virtually silent about the death of his sister in her prime. See this video for details: Was Ron DeSantis Sister Murdered in London?

Also coincidentally (?), Paul Volcker, former Federal Reserve chairman, and Obama bank bailout chair, was vice president of the Pilgrims Society in New York with Henry Kissinger during the carefully engineered 2008 banking scandal.

Henry Kissinger & Paul Volcker (Rockefeller sycophants) self-identified as British Pilgrims Society leaders in 2007

The Pilgrims Foundation, Inc., EIN 13-3095744. (2007). Henry Kissinger, Paul Volcker, Vice Presidents (Fiduciary Officers), Form 990, previously named The William J. Donovan Memorial Foundation, also The Pilgrims Society of the United States, PDF p. 5. IRS.
Fig. 5The Pilgrims Foundation, Inc., EIN 13-3095744. (2007). Henry Kissinger, Paul Volcker, Vice Presidents (Fiduciary Officers), Form 990, previously named The William J. Donovan Memorial Foundation, also The Pilgrims Society of the United States, PDF p. 5. IRS.

Sir Nick Clegg (Facebook) and King Charles III are BFFs; has (Sir) Donald Trump been invited to the club?

Fig. 6--On Dec. 30, 2017, Prince Charles knighted Nicholas Clegg, now a "Sir" who effectively controls Facebook. Clegg was the deputy prime minister of the UK for prime minister David Cameron.

On Apr. 25, 2019, then President Trump was served official notice that the U.S. government violated the property rights of social networking inventor Leader Technologies--the First Amended Miller Act Notice.

Fig. 7--FIRST AMENDED MILLER ACT NOTICE. (Apr. 25, 2019). Leader Technologies, Inc. to U.S. Executive pursuant to 40 U.S.C. §3131 et seq. Leader Technologies, Inc.

Truth Social has parked its Ponzi scheme on Michael McKibben's patented technologies without paying a license fee. Despite having proof that Trump received formal notice of the theft, these facts are not disclosed to Trump's prospective investors in their SEC filing. This is fraud.

Trump knows all about the theft of social networking. Leader sent him hundreds of Fifth Amendment demands by its shareholders. It was delivered by senior staffers from Rep. Jim Jordan's office. We note that the Truth Social SEC disclosures discombobulate their position relative to potential infringed property. The wording is evidently intended to absolve Trump of any potential liability for a supposed lack of knowlege of his infringement of Leader Technologies social networking inventions.

Rep. Jim Jordan's staff hand delivered the Miller Act Notice to the white House

Fig. 8--Leader Technologies' Fifth Amendment Takings Clause demands for compensation under the Miller Act that were hand carried to the White House by senior staffers from Rep. Jim Jordan's office. Some of Leader's shareholders reside in Rep. Jordan's Ohio district. Note: Since this Notice was put forward, numerous unscrupulous attorneys aligned with the British Pilgrims Society and their American sycopants have tried to assert that the Miller Act does not apply to the government confiscation of software construction projects. They also argue that the bonds supplied to the federal government by the tens of thousands of beneficiaries of government technology payments cannot be used to pay Leader Technologies for the effective confiscation of thier inventions.

The purpose of the Fifth Amendment Takings Clause was specifically to compensate owners of property from having their property siezed by the federal government without due compensation. Leader's circumstance could not be more classically applied. See Legal Social

Fig. 9 --Five Eyes, ANCIB(US)-ANCICC(UK). (Mar. 11, 1946) . DAY 1: TOP SECRET CREAM, Inauguration Meeting, U.S. - British Signal Intelligence Technical Conference, March 11, 1946, DOCID: 2959299, REF ID: A2666693, National Archives Ref: HW-80-5, PDF p. 108. NSA. 

Note: British MI6 is still redacting in 2024 many of the names on their 1946 delegation, thus committing espionage against the United States in 1946, and still today.

Who pulls Donald Trump's chain?

The British Pilgrims Society through The City of London and the Babylonian Rādhānite (Radknightsmerchant-banker pagans who control the British Crown.

Their flunkies doing their bidding in the USA are British Spy No. 7 Alexander Hamilton’s American banks, notably JPMorgan, Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, State Street along with asset managers like BlackRock, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price and Vanguard, who are controlled by the British Crown  and the Rothschilds in the City of London via the Monarch’s “Golden Share.”

Don’t believe that the British run America? Just look at the false flag they are trying to orchestrate in Poland right now. Poland is historically one of the favorite choke points of the British Empire to try and take down Russia to seize control of Russia’s 11 times zones of resources, again. When will we learn?

Fig. 10-The Georgia Guidestones is a monument made in 1980 by an anonymous author that details in 8 different languages how to build a new society, with apparent advocacy of population control, eugenics, and internationalism. It was destroyed by an unknown person(s) on Jul. 27, 2022. See


Fig. 11—The City of London is controlled by the Pilgrims Society who carry on the pagan control of the Rādhānite merchant-bankers of Babylon. “The City of London Co​rporation” was chartered in 1067 after the coronation of William I, William the Conqueror, on Dec. 25, 1066 AD at Westminster Abbey.

William was Norman (French). The Babylonian Rādhānite (demon-worshipping pagans who claimed to be Jews for more than three millennia) already had an extensive banking and trade network through Europe and Middle East, Scandanavia and Africa to China.

The ​Rādhānite merchant-bankers were forced to flee Babylon (renamed Baghdad) ahead of the armies of the Muslim Seljuk Turks in 1055 A.D.—just 11 years earlier. They fanned out along their extensive network of merchant-banking trading post across the known world.

“And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all who sold and bought in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those who sold pigeons. He said to them, It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you make it a den of robbers.'” Matthew 21:12-13.

“Synagogue of Satan”

Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”  Revelation 3:9. 

In the process, they rebranded themselves as “Ashkenazi Jews.” They had called themselves Jews for millennia while in Babylon, but they had created their unique pagan version that followed the Talmud, Yiddish, and rabbis, rather than the Torah, Hebrew, and Prophets.

The Babylonian Empire codified debt slavery by sanctioning usury (charging interest on the loan of money) in the Code of Hammurabi (1755–1750 BC). They put fake Jews in charge of these practices. While the Prophets Ezekiel and Daniel ca. 600 BC were decrying usury, exiled "Jews" like the Egibi and Marushu banking families, who had so intermixed with Persians that their Jewishness had vanished, were assigned the task of running all aspects of the Babylonian economy, including Silk Road commerce from Britain to China, leveraging Solomon's Gold, banking, finance, intelligence, propaganda, engineering, agriculture, and trade.

The Babylonian Empire worshipped demon gods who demanded child sacrifice and debt slavery, including Mammon, Moloch, Asmodeus, Ba’al, Baphomet, Beelzebub, Behemoth, Ishtar, Legion, Leviathan, Lucifer, Mammon, Marduk, Moloch, Pazuzu, Satan, Agrat bat Maḥlat, Alu, Alukah, Asherah, Ashmodai, Astarte, Azazel, Belial or Beliar, Bel-Marduk, Chemosh, Dagon, Deber, Dever, Ekimmu, Gallu, Horon, Ilu Limnu, Keṭeb, Kotar Hosis, Labartu, Labartu, Lamashtu, Lilith, Lilu, Lotape, Mavet, Nahar, Nergal, Ninisina, Pentalpha, Rabisu, Reshef, Resheph, Resheph, Samael, Shachar, Shalem, Shamḥazai, Shedim, Shedim, Tannin, Tiamat, Tirosch, Yoḥane bat Reṭibi, and others.

King Solomon's 700 wives and 300 concubines eventually lured him into building temples to and worshipping these Babylonian demon gods. This is evidently when the ​Babylonian Rādhānite took full control of Solomon's Gold that had been carted off to Babylon. Then, shipped to The City of London ca. 1067 AD.

* * *

Tell the Synagogue of Satan

Jesus Christ: "Get behind me, Satan."
Matthew 16:23

Described above is abject immorality on the part of the British Pilgrims Society and their Babylonian Rādhānite synagogue of satan demons.

Morality must win the day.

"Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."

The Gospel of St. Matthew 4:17.

Reminder Re. the Miller Act Notice—The Perpetrators of this Epic Fraud must disgorge their ill-gotten gain

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How Leader Technologies' Miller Act Notice check will help create true Free Speech in our American Republic
Fig. 12—The First Amended Miller Act Notice. Click here to download the PDF (check your Downloads folder after clicking). See also, Complaint against Judge Leonard P. Stark's fraud against his own court in Leader v. Facebook and 2,400 other patent cases.
Federal British-American Patent Weaponization Thieves
James P. Chandler, III Andrew W. Marshall
James P. Chandler, III Andrew W. Marshall

Leader Technologies, Inc. sent their FIRST AMENDED MILLER ACT NOTICE to President Trump (the then-current President) It is a contract demand for the U.S. Treasury to pay them for the federal government's 18-year theft of their social networking inventions. These inventions were stolen by Major General James E. Freeze (US Army, ret.) and Leader's patent attorney James P. Chandler, III, on behalf of Andrew W. Marshall and the Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment, and the Pilgrims Society who steal and weaponize inventions for continuous war making and enrichment of fascist insider military-industrial corporations.

Patriots are encouraged to help get this First Amended Miller Act Notice to President Trump and past the Praetorian Guard. See American Intelligence Media republish of the Leader Miller Act Notice.

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Michael Boldin. (Feb, 27, 2023). The Cost of War is Much More than Financial. Tenth Amendment Center.
Fig. 13-- Michael Boldin. (Feb, 27, 2023). The Cost of War is Much More than Financial. Tenth Amendment Center. Source: YouTube. (Raw *.mp4 video file).