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The ADL are lovers of money and power, not Hebrews or Humanity

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AFI. (Sep. 08, 2023). The ADL are lovers of money and power, not Jews, or humanity. Americans for Innovation.
Fig. 1—The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), formerly known as the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, says they are an international Jewish non-governmental organization (NGO) based in the United States that specializes in civil rights law and combats antisemitism and extremism.

Remarkably, the ADL has a $238 million largesse (very likely using other interlocked "British Pilgrims Society new world order" NGOs like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Black Lives Matter (BLM), ANTIFA, Open Society Foundation (Soros), U.N., and ACLU; this is just what they report on their 2021 annual report.).

Demand that ADL o​fficials disclose their DNA to prove their claim of Semitic origin.

(Hint: The DNA evidence reveals that the ADL are Babylonian Persians, Turkic, Sogdian and even Chinese, but not Hebrew.)


Remarkably, the ADL has a $238 million largesse (likely more using other interlocked NGOs like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Black Lives Matter (BLM), ANTIFA, Open Society Foundation (Soros), U.N., and ACLU; this is just what they report on their 2021 annual report.)

Generally, non-profits only amass these kinds of assets if they are tied corruptly to public funds, banks or drugs, money laundering or human trafficking. For example, in B’nai B’rith, the ADL’s alleged spawning entity, only reported $6 million inflows in their 2020 annual report.

So who is the ADL working for, certainly not its spawning entity, B’nai B’rith?

“The love of money is the root of all evil.” I Timothy 6:10

Our investigation reveals that the ADL hides an ancient Babylonian Rādhānite merchant-banking demon who has protected banking usury since before the Hammurabi Code made usury the law in 1755-1750 BC.

This demon, Mammon, has cloaked himself in a façade of Judaism since the days of the Prophets in Babylon. Historians have even called these purveyors of usury “Babylonian Rothschilds.”

Modern DNA shows us these merchant-bankers wore cloaks and feigned practices to look like Jews, but were in fact Persian, Turkic, Sogdian, Caucasian, later Khazarian, and Chinese—the nations of the Silk Road controlled these Babylonian pagans who worshipped Mammon, Ba’al, Asmodeus, Lilith, Ishtar, Moloch, Lucifer, Ahriman, and Beelzebub, among many demon-gods. They certainly were not Jewish

These Babylonian “(fake) Jewish” merchant-bankers perfected the art of usury to engage in human trafficking (slavery), extortion, bribery, money lending, tax collecting and child sacrifice. They very likely got possession of Solomon’s gold to use in their banking schemes and governance of Babylon across the Silk Road.

The Hebrew Prophets, as well as Jesus and the Apostles, knew who these Babylonian merchant-bankers were and called them a “synagogue of Satan” who “said they were Jews but were not.” Rev. 2:9, 3:9.

Usury is the practice of making unethical or immoral monetary loans that unfairly enrich the lender.

Usury was preached against as an abomination, extortion, injustice, theft, enslaver, the Whore of Babylon. It was forbidden by the Hebrew Prophets. See a multitude of exhortations against usury in Psalms, Proverbs, Ezekiel, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Exodus, Habakkuk, Ecclesiastes, Samuel, Jeremiah, Nehemiah, Isaiah.

The Pilgrims Society in The City of London, spearheaded by British Chancellor of the Exchequer and future prime minister David Lloyd George, and American president Woodrow Wilson, moved with Lord Rothschild, J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, Elihu Root, Nicholas Murray Butler (Columbia), Barings, and the Warburgs to fully annex American central banking into The City of London in 1913.

The ADL was founded just months before the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States on Dec. 13, 1913.

Demand that ADL officials disclose their DNA to prove their claims to Semitic origin.

The ADL hides the pagan Babylonian Rādhānite identities of The City of London bankers including Rothschilds, Montefiores, Bacharachs, de Worms, Warburgs as well as their U.S. “branch” minions JPMorgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Bush, and Harriman.

Ashkenazi and Sephardic DNA proves that the ADL purveyors are not Semitic or Hebrew (they’re not Jewish by blood), but rather, they are of pagan Babylonian blood admixtures from along the Silk Road trade routes from Turkey, Khazaria, Crimea, Caucuses, Persia, Sogdia, and China.


For five millennia ruthless, baby-killing, raping Rādhānite merchant-bankers ran Babylon. They inbred with their Middle and Far Eastern pagan customers, engaged in demon worship and child sacrifice, practiced usury banking and money lending forbidden by the Prophets. They drove whole empires into debt slavery.

They pretended to be Jews as a ruse to get pagans to do business with them. This is the reason why they kept up the Radhanite ruse in Europe by fabricating “Ashkenazi” and “Sephardic” fake identities out of whole cloth.

They even fabricated a usury-friendly holy book, the Talmud, a secret banker language, Yiddish, and elected new leaders called rabbis to replace The Prophets, Priests and Torah they had rejected millennia earlier.

Babylonian Pilgrims of the Silk Road; Babylonian Pilgrims fleeing Islam

These merchant-bankers were pilgrims of the Silk Road who eventually moved into England as “Radknights.” Look it up in The Domesday Book. They knew about these Babylonian Rādhānite merchant-bankers in 1066 A.D. and called them what they were: “Radnights.”

These Radknights chartered The City of London in 1067 A.D. They ran England as “merchants with a sword” through the British East India Company (1600 A.D.), enslaving and oppressing great swaths of the world, including America.

In 1902, they organized themselves into The Pilgrims Society. They knew that in picking this name, they would fool Americans into thinking they were referring to the Plymouth pilgrims.

The joke is on us. They were referring to their ancient Babylonian Rādhānite pilgrimage to Britain. They hatched a plan to Annex America--a plan that is as strong today as it was then; a plan discovered by intrepid American journalist Lillian Scott Troy in about 1908.

Why does the ADL work so hard to hide their 5,000-year old Babylonian Rādhānite merchant-banking secret?

Demons know that once they are identified, they are powerless to resist God’s angelic forces.

Top exorcists with whom we have consulted for this research confirm this from their experience, as do a multitude of accounts of demon possession in the Bible and other spiritual writings.

Once a demon is identified, their victims can tell these demons to get behind them, just like Jesus told the demon who was influencing the Apostle Peter in the Garden of Gethsemane: “Get behind me Satan.” Matthew 16:22-24

These demons fear and strenuously avoid being identified and named by the righteous. None of these demons can control your free will.

Jesus identified the demon of banking as Babylonian Mammon (Matthew 6:24) and showed the Apostle John that they were Jewish imposters in a “synagogue of Satan” (the usury-loving Babylonian Talmud). Revelation 2:9, 3:9. John saw this demon as The Whore of Babylon riding the seven-headed Beast. Revelation 14:8 and 16:19.

Once the ADL demon is called out and told to get behind us, it must cease to afflict humanity. Its power will be dissipated.

Truth is, Christians have failed woefully, up until now, in using their weapons of spiritual warfare.

“Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6: 11-12.

* * *

The ADL was founded in 1913, the same year the Federal Reserve Act was pressed into being by Pilgrims Society co-founders Woodrow Wilson, Nelson Aldrich (Rockefeller), J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, and Paul Warburg.

The interlock between merchant-banking and ancient Babylonian ethnic interests is evident

The continuity of this agenda is not human, but rather demonic since it spans 6 millennia.

Anciently, these people have been demon worshippers.

Some of their primary god-demons are Mammon, Moloch, Ba’al, Asmodeus, Lilith, Ahriman, Beelzebub, Lucifer. These were the demons worshipped by Solomon and his 1000 wives and concubines (ca. 968–928 B.C.).

These demons eventually took Solomon down. They transferred Solomon’s gold into the hands of his apostate “Synagogue of Satan” who were running Babylon through the practice of usury.

During Jesus’ time they were called the “synagogue of Satan… who say they are Jews but are not.” Revelations 2, 3.

We believe this gold is now held in the Rothschild vaults in The City of London.

DNA now proves that these so-called ADL Jews are not Jews, but rather they are an admixture of Turkic, Sogdian, Khazarian, Caucasian, Persian and even Chinese blood.

In around 870 A.D., Arab historian, geographer, police chief (spy master), postmaster, Abdallah Ibn Khordadbeh (Persian: عبدالله بن خرداببه ), wrote the Book of Roads and Kingdoms (Arabic: كِتَاب ٱلْمَسَالِك وَٱلْمَمَالِك.

Khordadbeh documented the “Rādānite Jews” who ran Baghdad, collected it taxes, managed its infrastructure, ran its courts, and controlled the trade routes and banking from France to China, terminating in the southeastern Babylon (Baghdad) suburb of Rādān.

Khordadbeh described Rādānite trading and financing of oils, incense, steel weapons, furs, jewelry, spices, perfumes, grain, silk, currency, gold, silver, loans, propaganda, intelligence, and slaves.

The clear evidence is that these deceptive Babylonian Rādānites merchant-bankers were not and are not Jews

The ADL strives mightily to bolster this greatest of lies in human history.

The association of the ADL with Babylonian Rādhānite central banking is evident. The Jewish persecution myths that they have crafted (like pogroms) have been quite successful as a club over critics and barriers to the truth.

ADL Babylonian Rādhānite merchant-bankers pretend to be Jews because they learned from the Silk Road that pagans wanted their bankers to be from one of the great Abrahamic religions.

These Babylonian Rādhānite pagans cleverly replaced the Torah, Hebrew, priests, and Prophets with a transmogrified look-alike in the Babylonian Talmud, Yiddish, and usury-blessing rabbis. With their control of the banking and commerce of Babylon, they bought their way into the greedy, power-hungry hearts of disobedient children of Israel.

For example, the Prophet Ezekiel said: “[a righteous person] does not lend at interest or take any profit, withholds his hand from injustice, executes true justice between man and man. Ezekiel 8:8. (written in Babylon 593 to 571 BC).

At this same time, relatively new Babylonian cuneiform banking records from Ezekiel’s day--from the Egibi and Murašû 

Fig. 2—The House of Egibi trafficked in slaves. Cuneiform tablet: agreement regarding disposition of slaves, Egibi archive ca. 540 BC. This contract is part of 1700 tables of The House of Egibi Bankers from Babylon. Source: The Met.

“Jewish” banking families—were dubbed “Babylonian Rothschilds” by some These thousands of cuneiform contract tables confirm that these apostate Babylonian Rādhānite “Jews” were leading the enslavement of the Silk Road world through usury.

Unfortunately for the ADL, the genetics don’t lie. See the R1b_Y-DNA Haplogroup.

The ADL’s self-anointed defense of Jewish-ness feverishly swats at invisible insects that they created.

Most commonly, the ADL defends “Ashkenazi” and “Sephardic” Jews. 


They are not Hebrew identities or blood lines.

Remarkably, history tells us that “Ashkenazi” is an 11th century made up identity by Babylonian Rādhānite merchant-bankers.

Those bankers had just been pushed out of Babylon after 3,000 years of contiguous merchant-banker operation by invading Seljuk Turks in about 1050 A.D. 

Their headquarters was a wealthy southeastern suburb of Babylon named Rādhān where Silk Road debts and trades were settled up and transferred to barges along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

Rādhān was a model trade and banking hub for The City of London, New York City, and Washington, D.C. The Babylonian ​Rādhānite pretend Jews of Babylon merely moved they fake Jewish Talmudic “synagogue of Satan” religion, their Yiddish language and their rabbis to Britain where they expanded their Silk Road land-route trade onto ships.

Thus the British East India Company (1600 A.D.) and their Dutch, French and German iterations were formed.

On Dec. 20, 1889, Cecil Rhodes, Lord Charles Rothschild, Baron Henry de Worms (Rothschild) and Lord Rosebery (N.M. Rothschild), and Queen Victoria chartered the British South Africa Company. W.T. Stead, author of “Government by Journalism,” proposed the “Society of Elect” to Lord Rothschild in 1889 that became The Pilgrims Society in 1902.

These same players were Fabians, theosophists and spiritualists, but the organization was centered on Cecil Rhodes and his dream of a Jesuit-like secret society to run the world modeled on imperial Britain corporatism, doling out knighthoods like candy to attract the wives of the American robber barons.

With the founding of the British South Africa Company (BSAC), the world’s first merchant-banker-controlled world corporation was created as the working model for the military-industrial complex of today.

A primary goal of the Pilgrims was to “annex America” since without America under their banking thumb, they could never achieve world hegemony.

Rhodes told his followers this plan would have to be methodical and would take 200 years. We are 120 years into Rhodes’ plan to “Annex America. King Edward VII even dangled a dukedom under Andrew Carnegie’s nose if he would facilitate this annexation in 1913.

Fig. 2Editor. (May 31, 1913). CARNEGIE OFFERED A DUKEDOM, [King] Edward VI's Proposition to the Hero of Homestead, ANNEXATION OF THE U.S.A., Extraordinary Facts Unearthed by An American Lady [Lillian Scott Troy]. Daily Herald (London).

Troy even exposed other Pilgrims organizers like Elihu Root (Sec. of State, Sec. of War, NY Senator, founder of Carnegie Endowment and Council on Foreign Relations), William Howard Taft (Pilgrim, J. Paul Getty Oxford sponsor), and Columbia University’s Nicholas Murray Butler (president of the Pilgrims Society, sponsor of G. Edgar Hoover [FBI], William J. Donovan [OSS, CIA], American intelligence [Five Eyes, NSA, liaison to British MI6 and Pilgrims]).

Fig. 3—Editor. (May 13, 1913). Would Annex America [says Lillian Scott Troy], p. 20. The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, Tennessee).

. . . "[T]he idea of the arbitration treaties was not Taft’s, but that of [Andrew] Carnegie and King Edward [VII] who sent it to America to be labeled “Made in the U.S.A.;” The Hague tribunal is essentially a British product, instituted simply for the ultimate undoing of the United States, and that Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia University, and others are rewriting American history to disparage the heroes of the Revolution." (Emphases added.)

Who was American Nicholas Murray Butler? Click this link to read his full Pilgrims Society-Columbia University biography. Click here for a PDF.

Indeed, the British South Africa Company (BSAC) was the predecessor to Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street, Goldman Sachs, Lloyds, Barclays, Nat West, Coutts, Baring, Royal Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Canada, etc.

ADL aficionados are evidently Jewish Impersonators (Babylonian ​Rādhānite)

They are Babylonian Rādhānite, not Hebrews. Thus the ADL is a Babylonian Rādhānite organization that impersonates being Jewish.

CALL TO ACTION: Demand that the ADL presents their DNA to prove their claims of Semitic origin (def: relating to the peoples who speak Semitic languages, especially Hebrew and Arabic).

Then, wait for the hmphing, bluster, misdirection and feigned outrage.

They’ll scream that DNA proofs is anti-semitic if it proves they are impersonators.

Why? They prefer their propaganda lies. 

Professor Severus Snape is probably a hmphing Babylonian ​Rādhānite Brit.

For more evidence supporting this research, see: AFI. (Apr. 19, 2023). The City of London Babylonian Merchant-Banker Demon Hoax of All Time. Americans for Innovation.

Tell the Synagogue of Satan

Jesus Christ: "Get behind me, Satan."
Matthew 16:23

Described above is abject immorality on the part of the British Pilgrims Society and their Babylonian Rādhānite synagogue of satan demons.

Morality must win the day.

"Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."

The Gospel of St. Matthew 4:17.

Reminder Re. the Miller Act Notice—The Perpetrators of this Epic Fraud must disgorge their ill-gotten gain

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How Leader Technologies' Miller Act Notice check will help create true Free Speech in our American Republic
Fig. 14—The First Amended Miller Act Notice. Click here to download the PDF (check your Downloads folder after clicking). See also, Complaint against Judge Leonard P. Stark's fraud against his own court in Leader v. Facebook and 2,400 other patent cases.
Federal British-American Patent Weaponization Thieves
James P. Chandler, III Andrew W. Marshall
James P. Chandler, III Andrew W. Marshall

Leader Technologies, Inc. sent their FIRST AMENDED MILLER ACT NOTICE to President Trump (the then-current President) It is a contract demand for the U.S. Treasury to pay them for the federal government's 18-year theft of their social networking inventions. These inventions were stolen by Major General James E. Freeze (US Army, ret.) and Leader's patent attorney James P. Chandler, III, on behalf of Andrew W. Marshall and the Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment, and the Pilgrims Society who steal and weaponize inventions for continuous war making and enrichment of fascist insider military-industrial corporations.

Patriots are encouraged to help get this First Amended Miller Act Notice to President Trump and past the Praetorian Guard. See American Intelligence Media republish of the Leader Miller Act Notice.

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Michael Boldin. (Feb, 27, 2023). The Cost of War is Much More than Financial. Tenth Amendment Center.
Fig. 15— Michael Boldin. (Feb, 27, 2023). The Cost of War is Much More than Financial. Tenth Amendment Center. Source: YouTube. (Raw *.mp4 video file).